Demonstrated expertise in project scoping, federal funding policy, strategic alignment, and impactful execution. Human-centered design ensures natural partnership development, and successful projects.

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  • Human-Centered Design for your programs, projects, or processes
  • Project Management
  • Grant Management
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media

Disaster Recovery Consulting

Project management, grants management, FEMA policy subject matter expert, and first line manager for various disasters including Hurricane Michael and COVID-19.

IBM Cloud Training Events

Virtual event management for IBM Cloud certifications. Includes promotion on Linked In, Twitter, internal channels, and via live broadcast to thousands of people.

Operations Risk Insights A.I.

Project and grant management for IBM Operations Risk Insights with Watson, an artificial-intelligence driven disaster monitoring and alerting platform.

UC Davis Grand Canyon Website

Project contributor for an interactive journey through the Grand Canyon on one of UC Davis’ interdisciplinary graduate courses: Ecogeomorphology.

Innovative Hazard Mitigation

Project co-lead and client liaison for managed aquifer recharge projects that mitigate drought, capture flood water, and recharge groundwater.

Environmental Initiative

Initiative design and deployment to inform IBM employees and engage them in environmental causes they care about.

Because Climate Journalism

Co-founder of this multimedia journalism project that aimed to tell every day stories about local climate change impacts.

Work History

Project Manager, IBM Center for Cloud Training, IBM


Performing project and program management duties on the Client Advocacy team which leads marketing and promotions to drive certifications in IBM Cloud.

  • IBM Cloud Study Jams (2022-Ongoing): Co-led planning, execution, and closeout for 4 virtual, instructor-led study events with more than 4,000 registrants. Coordinated and executed promotions on Linked In, Slack, Twitter, and via email to external clients and partners. Introduced digital badging to demonstrate skills learned during the sessions and promoted opportunities for discounted certification exams.
  • So You Think You Know Cloud (2022): Managed the website, program eligibility requirements, execution, and closeout of this internal promotional program that resulted in more than 4,000 certifications and Linked In mentions from each person that certified. Required considerable data management in Excel, onboarding team members midstream, customer service under adverse circumstances, and developing standardized communications for the team.
  • Learning Awards (2022): Proofreading and suggesting revisions for draft award submissions for completeness, relevancy, style, and alignment with strategy. Coordinating draft development, providing content and supporting materials when needed, and ensuring submission before the deadline. During 2022, IBM Center for Cloud Training has received 3 reputable awards from Brandon Hall Group, Chief Learning Officer, and Globee Awards.
Managing Associate, Disaster Recovery, Hagerty Consulting


Consulting on various projects for governmental clients utilizing FEMA funding streams like Section 406 Public Assistance and Flood Mitigation Assistance. Performing duties related to public outreach, client coordination, technical assistance, grant application development, and first-line management.

  • Florida Division of Emergency Management, COVID-19 Recovery (2021): Managed subcontractors and technical staff, >20 staff at peak, during contract with the State of Florida providing technical assistance for FEMA Public Assistance for Florida Division of Emergency Management projects.
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management, Hurricane Michael Recovery (2020-2021): Managed subcontractors and technical staff, 11 staff at peak, during contract with the State of Florida providing technical assistance for FEMA Public Assistance Sec 406 Hazard Mitigation and Sec 428 Alternative Procedures for about 130 applicants with damage from Hurricane Michael. Managed the $1M dollar project budget.
  • City of Santa Rosa, CA (2020): Developed FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program project subapplications on behalf of the City for two hazardous fuels reduction projects to mitigate wildfire, for a total of $4.8M. One project includes homeowner education, defensible space, and ignition resistant retrofits. The other project will implement hazardous fuels reduction along critical evacuation routes. Wrote the Scope of Work, developed the project budget and supporting documentation, coordinated GIS and Benefit Cost Analysis, and supported State Requests for Information after submittal.
  • Montgomery County, TX (2020): Presented FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance webinar series on behalf of the County to inform homeowners on programmatic details, answer eligibility questions, and encourage voluntary participation. Assisted with grant application development on behalf of Montgomery County, for the $12.8M project, by reviewing and assembling homeowner documentation packages and performing quality checks.
  • City of Panama City, FL (2020): Performed outreach to >50 homeowners, evaluated eligibility for a $1.4M FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance home buyout program, and facilitated documentation submission. Assisted with grant application development on behalf of the City of Panama City by supporting benefit cost analysis, identifying Severe Repetitive Loss and Repetitive Loss properties, and solving technical difficulties during submission to FEMA GO.
Program Manager, Disaster Resiliency, IBM Corporate Social Responsibility


Owned portfolio of technology solutions focused on disaster resiliency as part of Corporate Social Responsibility function. Major projects included a disaster dashboard powered by artificial intelligence and an employee-focused initiative for environmental engagement. Produced, managed, and updated budgets, statements of work, and project plans.

Hazard Mitigation Specialist, Disaster Recovery, North Carolina Emergency Management


Collected documentation, performed quality control, prepared grant applications for FEMA, processed requests for information, and ensured compliance with Code of Federal Regulations Title 44. Identified programmatic alignment with HUD CDBG-DR Mitigation funds and leveraged GIS team to demonstrate subapplicant eligibility.

Policy Analyst and Innovative Mitigation Project Co-Lead, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services


Tracked and analyzed public policy from state and federal government and federal legislation. Represented California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) in state working group meetings, including Climate Action Team. Managed $80M of prioritized federal grant funding for new hazard mitigation methods.

Multimedia Journalist, UC Davis and Because Climate

2016-2017 (Position held simultaneously with UC Davis positions)

Collaborated on an award-winning multimedia project that focused on a graduate science course in the Grand Canyon: grandcanyon.ucdavis.edu. Contributed to Because Climate, an independent project that emphasized climate change’s role in everyday experiences.

Paleomagnetist, Scientific Crew, International Ocean Discovery Program, Australia

2015 (Position held simultaneously with UC Davis positions)

Performed sample analysis and applied data interpretation techniques to assign ages of marine sediments on a drilling expedition at sea. Worked on a 24-hour operational schedule, 12 hours per day / 7 days per week. Diagnosed technical equipment issues and data anomalies increasing accuracy and productivity. Compiled data and interpretations into scientific reports and presentations on tight deadlines. Participated in invitation-only editorial workshop to verify sources and copyedit the final publication.

Researcher and Teaching Assistant, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Davis


Performed complex research, working full time outside of the degree program. Instructed students in “Introduction to Geology: The Earth” and “Energy and the Environment” courses for 6 semesters. Taught geology fundamentals and practical scenarios of the nexus between geology and societal impact.

Undergraduate Student Researcher, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Worked part-time outside of the degree program for 2 years performing paleomagnetic research on igneous rocks from the Saskatchewan province of Canada. Research contributed to the understanding of Martian geology. Recipient of NASA Space Grant in 2013.

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